Permanent Placement Resources, LLC

Permanent Placement Resources (PPR) specializes in the (full-time) permanent placement of physicians.

Our mission at Permanent Placement Resources is to give more healthcare organizations access to comprehensive recruitment services and to assist healthcare providers in matching with opportunities that complement their career goals.


We do this by providing competitively-priced contingency recruitment services that facilitate provider placement utilizing sophisticated candidate sourcing techniques along with large-scale promotion of practice opportunities.


Physician candidates enjoy free and confidential placement services, while healthcare organizations simultaneously benefit from dedicated recruitment resources designed to expedite the recruitment process and attract quality providers.

Permanent Placement Resources is led by John Allen who has over twenty-years of healthcare recruiting experience. John has worked in nearly all facets of the recruitment industry and prior to founding PPR, he served in a leadership capacity with several nationally recognized agencies. Drawing on decades of experience, John and Team PPR continue to explore better ways to match healthcare organizations with carefully qualified healthcare providers.

"Timely provider placement is the logical conclusion of hard work, tenacity and a

well-executed recruitment strategy."

John Allen