Retained Services

1. Opportunity Discovery


PPR Search Consultant will conduct a thorough discovery of the opportunity to learn about search specifics such as candidate parameters, compensation package, community information and other details that relate to the specialties being recruited. 

Post-Discovery Profile Letter


PPR will recap in writing search specifics and ask that client review the summary to confirm accuracy and serve as a “road-map” to move forward as good partners.

Our goal at Permanent Placement Resources is to be an accurate and effective third-party representative.


2. Data Acquisition & Appending

Everyone consumes information differently and for this reason we utilize a wide variety of communication mediums to target potential candidates.

At the onset of each campaign, PPR will acquire data to target candidates who match your specific search criteria.

PPR only works with data vendors who guarantee a high-level of deliverability and our extensive internal database is tested regularly to ensure its accuracy.

Data Origins:

State Licensing, Trade Publications, Associations, DEA License, 911 Directory, Websites, Internet, Social Media, Consumer Data, White & Yellow Pages, NPI, Society Lists, Attendee Lists, CME Registration, AMA Databank, Etc.

3. Designated Search Consultant  

PPR search consultants represent a limited number of accounts at any given time so they are able to spend a measured portion of each day working directly on your behalf.

4. Advertising for Opportunity




While there is certainly nothing “high-tech” about a telephone, it is one of the most pro-active recruitment tools available. Cold-calling allows us to create a "real-time" connection with active job seekers. Additionally, cold-calling is a terrific referral source and a means to connect with passive job seekers who may not participate in job boards.


Utilizing PPR's extensive database, PPR is able to email thousands of potential candidate at once. Designed to attract fast attention and elicit

candidate response, these emails provide compelling information about your community, organization and practice opportunity.

Promotional Video

PPR creates promotional videos to showcase the opportunities we represent.

Promotional videos allow potential candidates to view opportunities in a contemporary format that is complete with colorful images, a professional voice-over, background music and value points that promote, educate and celebrate your opportunity.


Promotional videos provide an engaging medium for potential candidates to explore opportunities "on-the-go" and these videos can easily be shared with colleagues, family and



Job Boards

PPR subscribes to a host of industry-leading job boards to target active and aggressive job seekers who are posting their cv/resume on the internet. Along with posting our jobs on these sites and responding to candidate inquiries, we also harvest CVs from these sites to bolster our internal database to enhance messaging on future campaigns.


Direct-Mail Marketing

While direct-mail marketing is often dismissed as a “thing of the past”, PPR often utilizes direct mail marketing when there is an extremely limited candidate pool or when we'd like to narrow a search from national to regional.


PPR's direct-mail marketing is extremely targeted and puts a tangible message in front of potential candidates.

Job Fairs    


PPR attends industry job fairs, as it’s a great way to interact with a wide variety of healthcare providers at a single event. Most job fairs provide vendors with a list of attendees and their contact information, so we're able to maintain contact with active job seekers (even those in training) to ensure they secure the right opportunity.


Training Program Relationships  


PPR search consultants stay in constant contact with medical and dental training programs to ensure our opportunities are made available to young providers who are just entering the workforce.

Social Media  

In today’s fast-paced work environment, it is increasingly more common for healthcare professionals to explore and respond to opportunities by accessing social media.


In addition to the promotional videos we post on YouTube, PPR utilizes Facebook, Linked-In and other social media platforms to proactively promote our practice opportunities.

5. Candidate Screening


PPR thoroughly screens and qualifies each candidate to ensure they meet or exceed client expectations. Quality candidate screening often saves our clients time, money and aggravation by eliminating candidates who are not a good match and fast-tacking candidates who are.


6. Candidate Submission


In addition to presenting our clients with a candidate’s cv/resume, we also provide a detailed cover-letter (whenever possible) to describe the needs, wants and interests of the entire family.


Our goal is to provide enough information for our clients to make an informed decision about the candidate.


The detailed information we provide allows our clients to maximize their time with candidates who are a good match and eliminate those who are not.

7. Candidate Phone Interview


At the client’s direction, PPR will coordinate schedules between client and candidate to orchestrate a phone interview. 


Following the interview, PPR search consultant

will follow up with both client and candidate to gain valuable feedback and assess level of interest.

8. Candidate Site-Visit

Provided there is additional interest on behalf of the client (post phone interview), PPR will arrange travel for an on-site candidate interview. 


Prior to the interview, PPR will conduct a thorough candidate background check verifying licensure & credentials. Additionally, PPR search consultant will prepare client and candidate for site-visit ensuring both parties have the information they need to make an informed decision.


9. Contract Negotiation      


PPR can be a valuable resource to serve as a liaison throughout contract negotiation. Working on behalf of our client, PPR search consultant will help guide candidate through the final stages of the recruitment process by continuing to champion your offering and overcoming any last minute impediments.


This is a delicate and critical step in the recruitment process as a great deal of time and resources are invested to ensure a positive outcome. PPR search consultant will work closely with the client to get the candidate “mentally” off the market and committed to your opportunity as quickly as possible.


10. Candidate Placement    


Timely provider placement is the logical conclusion of hard work, tenacity and a

well-executed recruitment strategy.

Permanent Placement Resources provides a comprehensive recruitment strategy that gives our clients affordable access to more candidates and can dramatically reduce the amount of time and money it takes to secure the right provider.